how do you spell relief? D-E-A-D-P-O-L!

rolaids only has seven letters!

did he just misspell his own name?
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This is deadpool, the personal icon journal for hindsight which is a community because it is easier to update this way as Ali is superlazy. Shush.


All icons are available for use as long as you follow the instructions below. However, since I'm not very anal about the rules, you could ignore them but then I'm sure your conscience would keep you awake at night, gnawing on your liver.

And that would be terrible.
r u l e s
Comment. Please say which icons you're yoinking. :D Hell, even if you're not taking a icon, comment anyways! It stokes my ego and makes me feel good. :D And when Ali feels good, she chugs out icons like a mofo.

Credit. If you use my icon, please credit me somewhere in the keywords. I'm not really anal about it, but I've come across users with my icons but with no credit to me and that would make Ali a sad panda.

And sad pandas don't make icons.

Don't hotlink. I am not your personal webhosting thing! Seriously, photobucket is free and huge. I've been using it for three years now, and I still haven't filled it up. Plus hotlinking adds to bandwidth and too much bandwidth leads to images going *poof*!

And that's terrible.

Don't edit. Blank icons are not bases unless I say so! Don't slap your own text on my blanks. Also, plz be not making your own changes to my icons.

I'm looking at you, random person from a french forum.
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